the city of Starling Point, 2212 PCC.

The capital of the subjugated nation of Filucia thrives, even under the hand of its conquerors, the Imperial Dynasty. This proud city sits high atop a rocky crag in the Snowspine mountain range, serving three grand purposes. The first purpose is as a quarry site for the granite and marble so badly needed by the rebuilding world. The second is as a bustling trade center, where nations may meet and exchange wares.

The third reason for the existence of Starling Point is as a watchpost: a guardian of the civilized world against the wilds and terrors that creep out of the field of Helkath Hazzurim. There on that great plain nearby, the bloody battle that bears its name was fought over 1700 years ago. It was a world-changing event: titans and even gods were slain, and the world thrown into the depths of a chaos from which it is still just emerging. The eerie and terrific magics which still haunt that field have led to bizarre and unpredictable consequences for the land around it. One of the most common, yet most unsettling, effects the denizens of Starling Point are apt to see is the spontaneous reanimation of the dead. Indeed, it’s not unheard-of to see the occasional corporeal undead in the city, performing menial labor – from porter work to tilling the fields – though usually you have to hire an evil priest to keep the things under control, so it’s really only cost-effective to hire them in large groups.

In a tower that crowns the crag at the peak of the city, literally atop the nobility and laity he rules, sits the elf Feyn Shalohah, the head of House Shalohah and rightful ruler of the entire realm of Filucia. A bored dilettante, he would rather spend his days in idle pursuit of leisure than actually rule – but even so, he is infuriated at his nation’s subjugation by the Imperial Dynasty. The elfish House Shalohah and the elfish House of the Imperial Dynasty have been feuding for some three generations, which is to say, almost a thousand years.

Into this world of politics and squalor, tension and magic… on the night of Summer Feastday, at the height of the festivities… a small gang of thieves breaks into the Shalohah estate and robs him blind. They take him for nearly everything he’s got: cash, jewels, art, and a few fabulous and unique treasures he’s sure to sorely miss.

You are one of those thieves.

But he has his suspicions of who’s responsible, he still has plenty of resources to bring to bear, and he’s not known for lightly dismissing a grudge.